Support Your Local Food Pantry


Signs of the recession are apparent in downtown Ridgefield. There are vacant storefronts downtown when, a year ago, there were none. The vacant storefronts evidence the fact that, indeed, Ridgefield is not immune to feeling the pinch of the economic downturn in our state and country.

As a community, however, we don’t see the evidence that many of our neighbors struggle to feed their families. The Ridgefield Food Pantry, located in Town Hall, reports that as the effects of the Great Recession linger, more and more Ridgefielders turn to the food pantry to supplement the food they can buy to place on their family table. Many Ridgefielders need the Food Pantry’s assistance now, whereas a few years ago, they were among the many people donating food to the Food Pantry.

Please consider making a donation of food or a supermarket gift card to the Ridgefield Food Pantry. A donation of $5.00 is not diminished by administrative fees; and, a jar of peanut butter will help fill a child’s hungry tummy. Even the smallest donation to the Food Pantry makes a huge difference in whether our neighbors go to bed hungry or are able to feed their families during this very difficult time.